Biopuncture Can Help You Heal Quickly &
is a Natural, Safe and Effective Method to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Perhaps you sometimes suffer from pain in the back, neck or shoulders or knees.  The pain may have been due to a recent or chronic injury.  By combining traditional acupuncture with a modern technique called biopuncture you can accelerate your body’s healing process and feel much better, much sooner…

Injecting homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points and painful areas encourages healing responses rather than suppressing symptoms.  Biopuncture has its origins in acupuncture, homeopathy, endocrinology and homotoxicology (the study of how toxins affect living organisms). It has been in the Colorado acupuncturist’s scope of practice since 1999.  In 2007, Diana completed a biopuncture training course with Michael Young, L.Ac., who is one of the pioneering teachers in the field.

Biopuncture for Pain Management

Diana uses biopuncture to treat chronic and acute pain stemming from musculo-skeletal tightness, injury, and inflammation.

Some common conditions biopuncture may help are:

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, wrist pain, shoulder and ankle pain, and muscular tension headaches.

Pain Management with Traumeel and Zeel

Traumeel & Zeel

* Traumeel is the most widely used homeopathic remedy.  It can be found at the health food store in ointment and pellet form, but can only be injected by professional health care providers. It is typically used to relieve and heal recent conditions and injuries (six months or less).

* Zeel is particularly suited for treating osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. It is used to relieve more chronic, degenerative conditions (six months or more).

How Does it Work?

From a Western perspective, biopuncture injects homeopathic remedies into a person’s extracellular “matrix,” which is the electrically charged web of connective tissue comprised of proteins, collagen, and elastin that holds our structure together, and plays an important role in regulating information flow in the body.  The homeopathic remedies encourage more efficient processes within and between cells. Cells metabolize more efficiently, drain out toxins more readily, and produce the structural components that are necessary for healthy regeneration.

In Chinese medicine terms, the use of homeopathic injectables restores Qi and blood flow to depleted, dysfunctional tissues.  Practically speaking, this means feeling less pain and more energy!

Are homeopathic remedies time-tested and safe?

Diana purchases her products from a homeopathic company called Heel that’s been in business for 73 years. All products are carefully selected, tested, and manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA standards.

Please go to to review their clinical studies.

How does biopuncture feel?

* The injection needles are very small, approximately the size of an insulin needle (30 gauge), so typically upon insertion you’ll feel a light pinch, or nothing at all.

* There is little to no post-treatment soreness with biopuncture.

* Results can often be felt immediately after the treatment.