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“I came to Diana on the recommendations of two friends both of who had sinus problems that she cured. She did the same for me, but I got so much more. I discovered chi – the powerful flow of energy in my body. I learned about my internal organs and how to befriend them. I got great nutritional advice. And I got to be an active partner with Diana in my healing. Acupuncture has continued to unfold in wonderful and unexpected ways in my life.” – A.R, Retired Professor

“I began acupuncture treatment with Diana for bronchitis. I noticed improvement almost immediately – the acupuncture and gua sha cleared it up faster than anything else I’ve tried in the past. After two treatments targeting the bronchitis, we moved on to trigger point work on my upper back. I have had frequent and chronic back pain due to scoliosis. The trigger point therapy has provided the fastest and longest lasting relief I’ve ever experienced. I’m so glad I now have an effective means of treatment that just needs periodic tune-ups to keep my upper back pain free. It has greatly improved my physical and mental health.” – D.H., School Administrator

“I began receiving acupuncture treatments in November, 2003. My original complaints consisted of ringing in my ears, general fatigue and depression as well as a severe case of acne-like boils on my back. Diana recommended and administered gua sha, ear acupuncture and a variety of needle combinations along my meridians. Over the following months I experienced a gradual cessation of my symptoms and a profound change in my emotional well being. As a massage therapy student I use my body a lot, and twice I’ve experienced strong unrelenting muscle spasms in my neck and back. Diana needled the trigger points responsible for the sustained contraction, my muscles relaxed and the pain was gone. Thank you Diana.” – J.W., Massage Therapist

“I started seeing Diana after having an early miscarriage. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant again with no success. Diana’s skill with acupuncture, Reiki, gua sha, yoga therapy and moxa helped regulate my menstrual cycle. She also discovered areas where my energy was “stuck”. My emotional state, for example, was busy trying to deny the pain of the miscarriage and other, older pains from childhood. Her treatments allowed me to open some of those closed doors and experience a profound emotional breakthrough. She worked closely with me in sessions identifying emotional barriers and helped me let them go. Not surprisingly, a couple of months after our first session I became pregnant! I credit Diana’s insight and acupuncture skills with my healthy pregnancy as well as a newfound state of emotional balance.” – M.F., Physician Assistant

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